ANWB Top campsites 2024

The ANWB announced the ANWB Top Campsites 2024 on 7 December 2023. In other words, the campsites rated with 5 stars. Eight In het Groen campsites achieved this highest score. What a great result!

ANWB top camping 2024.jpg

The ANWB inspects hundreds of campsites across Europe every year, on items that are important to guests, such as quality, hygiene and facilities. Small campsites are also inspected, like many affiliated with In het Groen. In December (2023), the ANWB announced the results and eight In het Groen campsites achieved the highest score of 5 stars, and thus the predicate ANWB Top campsite. We are proud of this result! You can find the campsites below.

The 5-star campsites