Corona update for guests

What does corona mean for your holidays?

Update coronavirus

Due to the corona virus, we are still living in vulnerable times. The virus may also affect your planned holidays at one of our more than 700 member businesses, namely small campsites, holiday homes, Bed & Breakfasts and group accommodation. Below, we provide answers to frequently asked questions from guests in advance. This information has been valid since 18 December 2022. If you still have questions, please email We will try to respond within 48 hours.

Are the In Green campsites or accommodation closed?

Campsites and accommodation should be all opened and must comply with basic rules. These conditions may vary depending on the safety region and municipality. There are hygiene measures at the campsites and in the accommodation.

If you want to book a holiday at a specific campsite or accommodation, check the measures and conditions on the company's website in advance or contact them before booking. Then you will be well informed.

Can you stay in a holiday home with a group?

The RIVM guidelines also apply here.
With corona tickets, 100% of the regular capacity may be used and you do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other and a fixed place is not mandatory. The basic rules still apply.

I have booked, can I cancel my booking?

Would you like to cancel your holiday? If a venue is open, the provider can in principle provide the service and you only have to pay. Can a venue not be visited due to corona measures? Then it is advisable to find a good solution in consultation with the landlord. You and the owner/manager of the venue are both responsible for complying with the corona regulations.

It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance. If, for example, it turns out that one of the holidaymakers is infected with the corona virus before departure, the entire group is insured. Our partner offers various types of cancellation insurance.

Can I postpone a booking?

You can discuss the possibilities of rebooking with the owner of the campsite or accommodation. This also depends on availability.

What about safety on the campsites or in the accommodation?

The owners of In het Groen's campsites and accommodation (holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, group accommodation, etc.) have taken various measures to ensure the safety of their guests, staff and themselves. For example, the sanitary facilities are specially cleaned, there are extra rules of behaviour for guests and the staff (if applicable) are trained.

Campsites/accommodation centres usually have plenty of disinfectant soap and hand gel available, but it is advisable to bring your own to be on the safe side. Finally, you are expected to follow the RIVM's most important measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Always keep your distance from others (at least 1.5 metres)
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow
  • Use paper tissues
  • Do not shake hands
  • Stay at home if you have coronary symptoms

More information about travelling and holidays in the Netherlands can be found on the website of the central government.