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Discover the province of Drenthe

Looking for a region full of peace, nature and culture? Then the province of Drenthe is your destination! Unlike the rest of the Netherlands, Drenthe is still relatively undiscovered. As a result, you really feel as if you are alone in the world. There is so much beauty to see. Ancient dolmens and burial mounds, vast National Parks and special moors characterise the beautiful landscape. Discover the province of Drenthe!

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Het land van de hunebedden

When you think of Drenthe, you think of dolmens. So a visit to the province is not complete without having visited these mysterious structures. The Hunebedden are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands. These burial chambers were built thousands of years ago from boulders brought to Drenthe during the Ice Age. The huge boulders were put in place by moving tree trunks and rolling the huge stones over them. Hunebedden do not have a name, but a number. The largest hunebed in the Netherlands is D27. It is located in Borger and is almost 23 metres long. The Hunebedcentrum can also be found here. Did you know that a 'hunebed highway' also runs through Drenthe? On this route you will find no less than 47 hunebeds.

Ancient dolmens and burial mounds, vast National Parks and special moors characterise the beautiful landscape.

Impressive history

There is no shortage of cultural heritage in Drenthe. One special place is Veenhuizen. In the 19th century, this was one of the seven Colonies of Weldadigheid. On a large scale, poor families, orphans, beggars and other 'paupers' from all over the country were brought to this village to live under 24-hour guard. The idea was to re-educate these people, but this turned out differently. In fact, the paupers lived in appalling conditions and lost their independence. Visit the Prison Museum to learn more about this era. Frederiksoord and Wilhelminaoord were also part of the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid. The streets still breathe history. Another impressive sight is Camp Westenbork. In the middle of the forests of Drenthe, the story of the Second World War is kept alive in this former transit camp.


Drenthe: great in nature

Drenthe is the most sparsely populated province in the Netherlands. No wonder, then, that nature plays a very big role here! The province has no fewer than three National Parks, namely Dwingelderveld, the Drents-Friese Wold and the Drentsche Aa. Heathlands, sand drifts, low moors and forests alternate. Follow one of the many walking routes for a relaxing trip or discover nature by bike or mountain bike. Who knows, you might come across a flock of sheep or grazing Scottish Highlanders. Of course, there are dozens more nature reserves to be found. The Hondsrug, the Balloërveld, Fochteloërveen, the Gasterse Duinen, the Sleenerzand and the Holtingerveld: the options are endless. Yes, Drenthe is big on nature!

Green holidays in Drenthe

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