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Discover the province of Flevoland

Building a province from scratch: it happened some 100 years ago, when part of the Zuiderzee was drained. The result: a new province four metres below sea level, protected by kilometres of dykes. We can therefore rightly say that Flevoland is a special province. Because of its endless space, water and modern elements, the region is definitely worth a visit. Discover the province of Flevoland!

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New nature

Flevoland is entirely man-made, but there is absolutely no shortage of nature. You can enjoy this 'new nature' at its best in Nationaal Park Nieuw Land. This 29,000-hectare swampy area is the largest man-made nature reserve in the world. Animal lovers love to go here in search of the Flevoland big five and dozens of special bird species. Or head into the forests of Horsterwold; one of the largest continuous deciduous forests in the Netherlands. Walk, cycle or go on a jeep safari with a forest ranger. With a bit of luck you will see wild horses, fallow deer and foxes!

Because of its endless space, water and modern elements, the region is definitely worth a visit!

Landscape art

Not one landscape in the Netherlands is as contemporary as Flevoland. The contemporary polder towns were partly designed by world-famous architects. As a result, you will be surprised more than once by extraordinary structures by experimental designers. It is also highly recommended to look for landscape art, where the structures and the surroundings together form part of the artwork. A spectacular example is the Squatting Man. This imposing sculpture is made of 1,800 bars of metal and overlooks the Markermeer. Or visit the Green Cathedral. This 'Gothic' cathedral does not consist of stone walls and stained-glass windows, but of trees. The shell circles around the trees refer to the sea, which was still there decades ago.

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Unesco world heritage site Schokland

A unique piece of Flevoland is Schokland, a former island in the Zuiderzee that has only been part of the mainland since 1942. Schokland is seen worldwide as the symbol of the Dutch struggle against water. That is why it has secured a spot on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Because of the archaeological finds, you can still see today that Schokland was once an island. Combine a visit with former island Urk. Want to learn more about the history of Flevoland and Schokland? Then visit Batavialand. In this fascinating museum and heritage centre, you will discover all about the unique origins of this province.


Action in Flevoland

Flevoland is also a great place for active people. Boating, windsurfing, wakeboarding, supping or canoeing: because of the many lakes such as the Veluwemeer and the Markermeer, the water sports possibilities are endless! Afterwards, relax on one of the province's beautiful beaches. Or come climb and clamber in Almere's Klimbos or Lelystad's Belevenissenbos. Want even more adrenaline to flow through your body? Then visit Walibi World, an amusement park with the most exciting roller coasters in the Netherlands and other spectacular attractions suitable for young and old!

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