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Discover the province of North Brabant

Those who think of North Brabant think of its Burgundian conviviality. And, of course, the soft G, sausage rolls and carnival. Elements you can discover in abundance in the many atmospheric cities and villages. But did you know that North Brabant has no less than four National Parks? And that the province is bursting with museums, cultural events and varied outings? Discover the province of North Brabant!

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Hospitable and Burgundian North Brabant

North Brabant is arguably the most sociable province in the Netherlands. Because of its many bustling cities, there is always something to do. The historic city centres of Den Bosch and Breda, for example. They are beautiful to look at because of their ancient streets, special monuments, beautiful squares and stately buildings. Burgundy enjoyment is also available here. An attractive terrace, good restaurant or cosy café is never far away. Or how about Eindhoven, a lively city full of modern developments in design, creativity, technology and innovation? Of particular note is the raw, trendy Strijp-S, home to various hip studios, restaurants, shops and creative initiatives. Beautiful Tilburg is a city of events par excellence. Every year, the Tilburg Fair, the May Fair, Festival Circolo and Carnival attract thousands of visitors.

From purple moors to extraordinary wetlands: North Brabant is a province full of wondrous nature. Not for nothing is it the only province with no less than four National Parks!

Big in nature

From purple moors to extraordinary wetlands: North Brabant is a province full of wondrous nature. Not for nothing is it the only province with no less than four National Parks! Enjoy the peace and quiet and combine the city with a green outing. There are many beautiful walking, cycling, mountain biking and horse riding routes. Be sure to visit Nationaal Park de Loonse en Drunense Duinen. This is the largest shifting sand area in Western Europe and is therefore also called the Dutch Sahara. National Park de Biesbosch, the habitat of the beaver, is the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe. Here you sail past willow-flooded forests, walk along rugged paths and cycle past open meadows full of waterbirds. Nature reserves such as the Groote Peel, the Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, the Mastbos, the Strabrechtse Heide and the Kampina are also perfect for a day in nature.

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Cultural Brabant

Discover Brabant's rich culture in its many museums or at unique cultural events. Vincent van Gogh plays an important role in the province's history. He was born there and lived and worked most of his life in Brabant. Discover the special places where you can still find his traces. In Zundert, for example, the Vincent van Gogh house stands on the site of his birthplace. Nuenen is like an open-air museum, with twenty-three buildings and places in the landscape that he painted. Artists still have plenty of room to develop, as cultural hotspots and events spring up like mushrooms. It is easy to alternate a cultural day in Brabant with a day of fun with the kids. With popular attractions such as Safaripark de Beekse Bergen and the Efteling, there is something for everyone!

Green holidays in North Brabant

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