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Discover the province of Overijssel

Overijssel offers everything you want during a holiday in your own country: a mix of nature, water and culture! In this province in the east of the Netherlands, the river IJssel provides a green, varied landscape with untouched nature areas. This nature is interspersed with historic Hanseatic towns, where culture lovers can indulge themselves. Looking for a varied holiday destination in your own country? Then discover the province of Overijssel!

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Hip and historic Hanseatic cities

The river IJssel has played an important role in Dutch history for centuries. Due to its strategic location on the river, the beautiful cities of Zwolle, Kampen, Deventer and Hasselt flourished as Hanseatic cities for centuries. And that while Amsterdam and Rotterdam were still small villages! Today, you can still see this history in the photogenic town centres of these cities. Here you can imagine yourself in a past of trade and prosperity in no time. Each city has its own unique character and atmosphere. Old and new go hand in hand here, as evidenced by the many hip shops, stylish restaurants and lively events. A visit to these cities is therefore a must during your holiday in Overijssel.

In this province in the east of the Netherlands, river IJssel provides a green, varied landscape with pristine nature reserves.

Un-Dutch nature

Overijssel is home to two beautiful National Parks worth exploring. National Park the Sallandse Heuvelrug is almost un-Dutch. This nature reserve is characterised by undulating heathlands, vast forests and fens. It is a fantastic cycling and hiking area. National Park De Weerribben-Wieden is Europe's largest low moorland swamp area. Here, water and land alternate. It is therefore not for nothing a home to more than 150 species of breeding birds. Nearby Giethoorn is the province's tourist attraction. This picturesque town is known worldwide as 'the Venice of the North'. Here you can cruise for hours past the beautiful houses and the typically Dutch landscape. Never been there before? Then a visit is a must!

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Restful Twente

In Twente, the eastern part of Overijssel, nobody is in a hurry. This region full of forests, country roads and hills is therefore ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. There are fantastic cycling and walking possibilities here. Amidst this nature lies picturesque Ootmarssum. Cultural life is buzzing in this artists' town. The historic centre consists of historic buildings, photogenic streets, art studios, galleries, museums, interior design shops and antique shops. Because of its location near the German border, a nice trip to our eastern neighbours is easily made!

Green holidays in Overijssel

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