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Discover the province of Zuid-Holland

When you think of Zuid-Holland, you quickly think of big cities like Rotterdam and The Hague, but this province in the west of the country is much more than that. An endless coastline with cosy seaside resorts, tulips in Keukenhof, windmills at Kinderdijk and the greenery of the Biesbosch: you will get to know the real Holland in a short time. Because of the surprising nature, tranquillity is never far away. Discover the province of Zuid-Holland!

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Dynamic South Holland

If you enjoy a day in the countryside while on holiday, Zuid-Holland is the place to be. This province is bustling. Rotterdam, one of the largest port cities in the world, is the most cosmopolitan city in the Netherlands. You will find beautiful architecture, fascinating sights such as the Euromast and the Markthal, a fantastic shopping centre and an abundance of cultural events. Court city The Hague is also a great place for a day out. This city near the sea is home to our government and our Royal Family. Culture buffs can indulge in museums such as the Mauritshuis and Panorama Mesdag. And what about Delft, Gouda and Leiden? Three charming cities with a fascinating city centre full of historical monuments, charming streets and cosiness.

An endless coastline with cosy seaside resorts, tulips at Keukenhof, windmills at Kinderdijk and the green Biesbosch.

Up and coming Netherlands

South Holland offers a complete mix of everything that makes the Netherlands so beautiful. As such, you will find several archetypal Dutch landmarks. The windmills of Kinderdijk, for example. In this beautiful, water-rich area near Dordrecht, 19 historic mills shine. Built around 1740, together they are part of a larger water management system for flood prevention. The mill is something typically Dutch, but the tulip is perhaps even more so. Holland's tulip mecca is Keukenhof. In this flower park northwest of Lisse, bulbous plants from the bulb-growing region are exhibited every spring to thousands of visitors from all over the world. And how about Zuid-Holland's impressive, primal Dutch coastline? Stroll through the restful dunes, enjoy a sunny day on the beach or feast on delicious seafood at a seaside beach pavilion.

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Rest is never far away

As dynamic as South Holland is: in this province, the tranquillity of nature is never far away. Unexpected, but present. Low moors where the otter has found a home, flowery grasslands with meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit: you can go either way. One special place is Tiengemeten. As soon as you reach this nature island in the Haringvliet, you immediately get a holiday feeling. You can walk and cycle undisturbed here. With a bit of luck you will spot special animals, such as the white-tailed eagle and the beaver. Another beautiful nature reserve is the Biesbosch. Here, centuries of major events such as flood disasters, the Second World War and the arrival of the Delta Works have left their marks. Since 1994, the area has been a National Park, with the recent highlight being the return of the sea eagle and the osprey.

Green holidays in Zuid-Holland

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