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Nowhere in the Netherlands is the island feeling as present as on the Wadden Islands. Long beaches, wide vistas, healthy sea air and the primeval Dutch clouds give you the ultimate holiday feeling. On the Wadden Islands, you are miles away from crowded schedules, busyness and appointments. Whether you come for a family beach holiday, for sports or to enjoy the unique nature: on the Wadden Islands there is something for everyone. Discover it for yourself!



Texel is the Netherlands in miniature, it is often said. That certainly applies to all the landscapes found on this island. Dunes, forest, heathland, beach, mud flats, polders and meadows alternate here. As many sheep as people live on Texel, some 13,500. In spring, the many lambs provide the ultimate spring feeling, but Texel is actually beautiful in all seasons. The diverse nature, historic villages such as Den Burg and the hospitality of the islanders guarantee a wonderful holiday on a versatile island.

Long beaches, wide vistas, healthy sea air and the primeval Dutch cloud cover give the ultimate holiday feeling.


Vlieland is the cycling and hiking mecca of the Wadden Islands. As the island is car-free, there is plenty of peace and quiet. The only village on the island is Oost-Vlieland. The imposing red lighthouse, also known as the red gnome, is the place of interest. This is therefore considered the symbol of Vlieland. The old facades in the village take you back in time. Behind them are quaint shops, cosy bars and intimate restaurants. Vlieland's beautiful sandy beach has been voted the cleanest beach in the Netherlands several times. The island ends in an overwhelming sandbank, the Vliehors.

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As much as 80% of Terschelling consists of nature reserve. This makes it a beautifully green island. It is also a versatile island, with its own atmosphere and lots of space. There is always something for everyone to do. The island has dozens of cosy restaurants, cafés and pubs, but is also known for the entertaining events that take place here throughout the year. A great example is the well-known Oerol festival. The 400-year-old Brandaris lighthouse is an eye-catcher in itself. On Europe's widest beach, you can enjoy lovely sunny days or take relaxing walks.


Because the seawater shines brightly on sunny days, Ameland is also known as the 'Wadden diamond'. On the island, you will find four cosy, historic villages full of characteristic houses, monuments, museums and restaurants. Enjoy 27 kilometres of North Sea beach, peaceful nature reserves and endless cycling and walking paths. The salt and fresh water on Ameland provide an unprecedented wealth of plants. Of the 1,400 plant species in the Netherlands, some 500 are found on this narrow strip of land between the Wadden Sea and North Sea.



Schiermonnikoog may be the smallest Dutch Wadden Island, but it is big on nature. No wonder the entire island has been declared a National Park! Schiermonnikoog has beautiful wide beaches that will make your heart beat faster if you love peace and quiet and space. Do not expect large-scale entertainment on Schiermonnikoog. On the contrary, the uniqueness of this island lies in its unspoilt character and vast natural beauty. The island is one big work of art, signed by Mother Nature.

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